JustAnswer for Employees

The BEST employee benefit for the modern workplace:
Online chat with Experts 24/7

  • Get a response in minutes from an Expert in one of our 700+ categories, including tech, legal, and pets. 

  • Can get questions answered day and night, wherever they are working.

  • Save time with direct answers instead of endless online searches and delays in getting appointments.

The workplace has changed

Today, benefits managers support a hybrid workplace in which employees work from home or from an office.  But current benefits plans were not designed to meet the unique needs of this modern workforce.   

Employees are seeking new kinds of help, such as technical support for their home offices, as well as professional assistance in other areas to manage new work-life pressures. 

A new benefit: Chat with Experts in minutes

To achieve work-life balance and better well-being, employees need online services that will support different areas of their lives.

Whether it’s help with legal issues, health, computers and technology, automotive, pets, home improvement and much more, employees look to their employers to offer essential information and access to experts who can quickly help answer questions and solve problems.

What employees are saying about us

JustAnswer experts have saved our family tens of thousands of dollars, as well as the lives of several of our family pets. We have had guidance on legal matters and home repairs.
– Gina
Another quick and great service. I needed help with my new Galaxy phone, and within a couple minutes I got my answer, and a couple minutes after that, the issue was resolved.
– Benny
I did what I was told and now my dog is good and back to normal. I highly recommend this. It was midnight when I got a hold of the vet and helped me through steps as well.
– Mayra

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