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I used to think what did I do before Google? Now I think what did I do before JustAnswer? It’s like Google on steroids without hunting for the answers. JustAnswer has saved me hundreds of hours, lots of pain and lots of money.

March 2021– from Robert C.


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Now, more than ever employees need access to services and guidance to support every outlet of their lives. They want and need accessibility to safe, contact-free solutions. JustAnswer for Employees gives employees personalized 24/7 access to experts who can answer questions, solve problems and bring peace of mind, in minutes.

Families save money. Employees improve productivity. Employers are happier.

What employees are saying about us

Unfroze My Email in Minutes

My email was frozen, couldn’t open any email messages or move around in my email. Referred to JustAnswer, explained my problem, tech had one question AND in less than 5 minutes my problem was GONE! PROFESSIONAL, QUICK AND EASY! If I need it again, I know where to go!!


Weekend Vet To The Rescue

I needed a Veterinarian advice on a Saturday when my regular Vet was not available because my dog injured herself. I got great advice that helped my dog through the weekend and actually solved the problem.


Now Serving Ice Cold Drinks

Actually, one of the first times I used the service, this was years ago now, I spoke with an appliance technician that helped me remove, clean, fix and reinstall the icemaker in our side-by-side refrigerator. It was easy and very helpful.

Warm & Toasty Again

THIS IS A REAL WORLD REVIEW. I have to say that I was very skeptical at first but I was stuck in a hard place and I needed information on my HVAC system. The original owners of my house didn’t wire correctly and wouldn’t allow my heat to come on. My children were freezing and I was considering getting a hotel until I could fix the problem. I took a longshot and asked on JustAnswer. Gary the HVAC technician walked me through a few steps and I’m happy to say that the problem is fixed and my kids are now home nice a warm. I will def be using this again. THANK YOU!


Impressive Tech Advice

Yes. I needed to expand my laptop to include more ports but was completely uncertain as to the which one would be good. I was able to not only get a response in minutes but the expert directed me to an Amazon page and the USB -C 7port was literally delivered the next day. It was impressive.

JustAnswer Access Pays For Itself

I have had the JustAnswer app on my phone for only 6 months or so. I can tell you that since then it is my most used app. It paid for itself by my second use. Every question I have asked has been satisfyingly answered. 95% of them have been answered immediately or within 10 minutes by someone who makes you feel like you are #1 on their list . I have had a few vets help save lives of some of the rescues I take in. I see no room for improvement. Congrats to the app creators . Perfection !!!!!!!


Complicated Tax Questions

As a dual citizen I often have questions that cross the continents. JA can help me find tax experts and lawyers in both countries, which is super helpful.

Warning Indicators Lighting Up My Dash

I was 150 miles from home. The car was not running right. Warning indicators were lighting up the dashboard. I looked up JustAnswer and an auto expert walked me through the steps to fix the problem and get home. Great service!


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