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Seattle (PRWEB) January 15, 2021

OnlineDoctor.com, a trusted source for content and information about online medical and healthcare services, has announced the best online doctor and medical services of 2021. Research experts examined several key elements to determine the most safe, reliable, and effective providers.

The top-rated companies were evaluated based on communication methods, service offerings, and wait time. It was also critical that these services allow patients to connect with doctors through multiple channels like video, phone, email, live chat, and text messaging. The final list prioritized service providers that offer a wide range of healthcare or treatment options and limited wait time for appointments.

“With today’s technology and regulatory advancements, many healthcare providers can now examine patients virtually for basic urgent care, preventative care, or prescription refill,” says Mitchell Fong. “Our experts reviewed numerous services and created a short list of the best options to help consumers make an informed decision.”

OnlineDoctor.com used a 100-point scoring system to assess each service for ease of use, convenience, technology, personalization as well as an overall score. To access the complete list of best online doctor and medical services of 2021, please visit https://www.onlinedoctor.com/best-online-doctor-medical-services/.

Best Online Doctor and Medical Services of 2021

SteadyMD — Best Overall
Amwell — Best for Women’s Health
Hims — Best for Men’s Health
Anytime Pediatrics — Best for Pediatrics
BetterHelp — Best for Online Therapy
JustAnswer — Best for Quick Answers
Sesame — Best Budget Per Visit
HealthTap — Best Budget Subscription Plan
PlushCare — Best for Insurance Coverage

Onlinedoctor.com provides the latest content, advice, and information about online medical services and healthcare options. The patient-focused platform was developed to help consumers make informed decisions about their health. Managed by a team of industry experts, the website is a leading source for unbiased articles and data-driven research. Onlinedoctor.com is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and is formerly known as OnlineMedicalCare.org. To learn more, visit https://www.onlinedoctor.com/.

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