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Personal & Business Question Examples

Use as 1st Line of Defense

Appliance, Appraisals, Computer, Home Office, Legal, Medical, Pet, Plumbing, Tax, Tech…

Pet: My dog ate chocolate, should I take him to the emergency room?
Tech: Microsoft Teams quits every time I try to join a meeting, what do I do?
Computer: I want to plug in an upgraded video camera for my HP Spectre lap-top but I don’t have any more ports, what do you recommend I get that would work well?
Appliance: My refrigerator isn’t cooling as it should be, what do you suggest I do?
Plumbing: My shower is drain clogged up. Do I need to call a plumber or can I fix it myself and how?
Tax: My home may close a month before the 2-year ownership mark, will I owe capital gains tax if I profited $50K?)

Use for 2nd Opinions

Appliance, Appraisals, Auto, Computer, Electrical, Home Improvement, Home Office, Large Purchases, Legal, Mechanics, Medical, Pet, Plumbing, Tax, Tech…

Appliance problem: I was quoted $270 to fix the draining issue in my laundry machine, is that reasonable or should I pursue another quote?
Legal: I was quoted $1,000 for a real estate closing attorney. Is that too much to pay?
Pet: My vet told us that we should perform surgery to fix our dogs hip dysplasia, I’d like to hear from another doctor the potential outcomes.
Computer: I was told at the Apple store to buy a new macbook because mine is stuck on the spinning wheel, is there anything else I can do?
Auto: I got quoted $350 by a mechanic for to fix my steering column. Is that reasonable?

Many Family Uses

Addiction(s), Appraisals, Etiquette, Estate Law, Family Law, Genealogy, Home Network, Home Security, Homework/Tutoring, Landlord/Tenant, Medical, Parenting, Pet training, Immigration, Therapy, Relationships, Weddings…

Tutor I need help solving the following algebra problem: 5(-3x-2) – (x-3) = -4 (4x+5) + 13
Relationship: My husband and son (his stepson) are not getting along after a year of our new arrangement. How can I get them to see eye to eye?
Parenting: I have a 6 month old and I really want to take a vacation. Is it normal to leave your baby for a few days at this age?
Mental Health: My 24 year old son is struggling with an opioid addiction. How can I talk to him about getting clean?
Home security: Should I install a security system through a home automation brand i.e. homeseer or a home automation through a security company?
Family law: My ex-husband is asking for 50/50 custody even though he lives outside of their school district. What does he have the right to?

JustAnswer Supports Five of the Six Stages of the “Employee Lifecycle”

Employee Lifecycle Question Examples


By including JustAnswer as a Non-Voluntary benefit, employers provide a differentiated, relevant component that benefits employee, family and employer.


Tech, Healthcare, Home Improvement & Maintenance, Remote Support, Housing, Finance, Parenting, Real Estate Law, Relationship, Relocation, Finance …

I am relocating to California from Arizona, what can I expect in tax differences in income, property and other key areas? What can I expect in property value differences when I move there? How can I find good schools that are within 25 miles of my new job?
Can I get some objective help on what to choose in my new benefit options?
Should I select the new company’s 401k matching program?
What is the best way to set up my new home office, so I am more productive working at home?


Addiction(s), Auto, Career Counseling, Family, Home Improvement & Maintenance, Pet, Health, Mental Health & Well-Being, Tutor …

Can I get help with needing to use Slack?
My 12–year old son needs help on a science project, and I don’t really understand it. What can I do?
My wife and I just split up. She asked me to move out…?
My new assignments are more stressful than what I was expecting, what can I do to become less stressed and more productive?
If I have a list of 10 things that I need done by my team, what’s the best way to communicate, ensure they’re making progress and meet our deadline?
My dog actually ate my wife’s underwear. I am really concerned. What do I do?


Family, Health, Immigration, Medical, Real Estate, Research, Skills development …

I’m really stressed out at work and need to find a way to relax so I can be more productive and less tense, what supplements can I take? Are there any proven techniques you can recommend?
I’m experiencing analysis paralysis, whereby I’ve done a great job of planning what would make an effective day and I am doing a poor job of implementing it. I have a staff of people that can get tasks done but the time of communicating the actual tasks also has bogged me down. What’s the best way for me be able to be able to take my to do list and hand it off to someone to ensure that the tasks get done by other members of the team?
I’m currently working in the US on an H-1 Visa, how do I extended it?
Should I exercise my shares that just vested after one year?
I’m enrolled in an Professional Project Manager program and I need help with a homework assignment.
My daughter is in high school and needs help with her Calculus homework, but I never studied calculus, can you help her


Healthcare, Immigration, Interviewing, Career Counseling, Mental Health, Housing, Real Estate, Research, Finance …

I have to sell my house for a new job relocation, do I have any options to save on capital gains?
I have a job interview next week, so I am looking for a career counselor to help me prepare for my job interview.
What is the best way to find Work From Home/Remote jobs (finance, administration)?
I’m debating trimming down my resume. I have worked a lot a staffing firm jobs and notice I’m not making it through the application stage, or when I do get a phone interview, I’m not making it through the initial screening process. Should I remove some of these temp jobs off my resume?