JustAnswer for Employees

A professional services platform for employees

JustAnswer for Employees provides a mobile-enabled, self-serve platform featuring online chat with Experts, helping your employees solve challenges and better manage work-life balance.

24/7 access to over 12,000 Experts

JustAnswer for Employees’ network of verified Experts provides your employees with fast, informed answers to a variety of challenges, freeing your workforce from endless online searches and delays waiting for appointments with service providers.

Your employees can find help and get questions answered day and night, whether working from home, the office, or remote.

8-Step Expert quality verification process

JustAnswer Experts must pass a rigorous qualification process.

Here are some of our 700+ categories

JustAnswer for Employees provides help in these categories and many more.


I’m told I have weak security that WPA/WPA2 is not secure, do I need to change my modem?

My home network is down, how do I get back online?


My landlord now says I can’t work from my apartment all day every day, what are my rights?

I work from home regularly now and my neighbors make a lot of noise, is there anything I can do legally?


I’m with my dog all day working from home, he is constantly begging for attention, how do I calm him down?

I’m thinking about using a dog walking service, what qualifications should a dog walker have?

Home Office

I’m worried about the electricity and if my power goes out, which home battery can I get to keep working?

What lighting should I get to look good on Zoom?


I just bought some expensive home office computer equipment, what is the best home security system?

I was locked out of my house and missed an online meeting. Is a digital lock as secure as a physical key?


I have a sports-related injury and was told to get surgery, can you give me a second opinion?

A co-worker told me it can help my health to go on a fast, would that be safe?

Why benefits managers love us

Save your employees time in finding the right Experts

Resolve your employees’ problems faster

Deliver higher quality care to your employees

Easy to deploy

It’s easy to get started with JustAnswer for Employees

  • Invitation email sent to employees
  • Employees download the mobile app
  • Employees start asking questions and are quickly routed to the right Expert!
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