JustAnswer for Employees

Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen joined JustAnswer in 2009 as Executive Vice President of Engineering to oversee product and software development, quality assurance, technical operations, business intelligence, and IT. Prior to joining JustAnswer, Cohen was VP of Technical Services at iHomeFinder, a premium IDX website solution. At iHomeFinder he built the infrastructure needed to scale the organization so it could support a majority of U.S. real estate listings. Previously, Cohen was COO of GroupStone, an SAS CMS provider for NPOs, where he managed a staff of 35+ employees and provided content management tools for the United Nations Foundation’s UN Wire. He was also EVP of Technical Services at Fabrik Communications where he managed a staff of 85 employees. Earlier in his career, he was VP of Engineering at Trade Reporting and Data Exchange; Manager at CAM Commerce Solutions; and Customer Support Supervisor at Triad Systems. Cohen holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Oregon.