JustAnswer for Employees

Lisa Contoyannis

Lisa Contoyannis joined JustAnswer in 2015 and was named to the exec team in 2017 to oversee conversational commerce, funnel monetization, CRM, and public relations. Contoyannis brings over 18 years of experience at high-growth startups. She joined JustAnswer from Pogoplug, the personal cloud company with more than 10 million users, where she was the VP of E-commerce and Marketing. Prior to Pogoplug, Contoyannis was one of the first hires and headed the marketing department at TrialPay, the leading transactional advertising platform, which sold to Visa in a nine-figure deal in 2015. Previously, Contoyannis was employee number three at Tenebril (maker of PC Mag Editors’ Choice award-winner GhostSurf), where she grew the consumer business from a few thousand a month to more than $10 million a year before selling the company to Process Software in 2006. Contoyannis began her career as a freelance journalist in New York while pursuing her Master’s. Contoyannis has a Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from NYU and graduated cum laude with a B.A. in English Literature from Tufts University; she spent her junior year as a fully matriculated student at Oxford University. Contoyannis lives in Pacifica with her husband and young family.