JustAnswer for Employees

Robert Ellison

Robert Ellison joined JustAnswer in 2011 as an API Product Architect, soon rising to Director of Platform and now Chief Technology Officer. Throughout his tenure at JustAnswer, Ellison has played a crucial role in the integration and implementation of new technologies. As CTO, Ellison now focuses on determining how technology can accelerate business strategy, and how the company can deliver simple and elegant solutions with a short cycle time to drive learning and value. Ellison’s journey to JustAnswer included stints as Co-Founder and CEO of Cucku, Inc., where he raised seed and angel financing, and managed teams in the US and UK to develop a successful peer-to-peer backup product. Before that, he served in leadership roles in Product Management and Corporate Development for Macrovision Corporation, where he was responsible for white label game channels on major properties, including those owned by Yahoo! and AOL. Ellison has also developed numerous freeware and shareware applications and released multiple Open Source libraries. Ellison holds a BSc (Hons) in Cybernetics and Control Engineering from the University of Reading.